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alive represents the beginning of a pivotal period for myself as a composer, and for biotonic as a functional unit, documenting our move towards a more improvisation-based framework for delivering music. I developed the 7 pre-determined compositions over the course of the last three years, ever gravitating to a more improvised method of composition, ultimately reaching a point where the two most recent compositions feature melodies directly lifted from my “morning improvisations” (a practice of waking up and immediately recording an improvisation).

alive is the first full-length album by biotonic, recorded live in performance. biotonic toured the Northeast April 3-11, 2019; the first 5 days were spent in study residence at the Prattsville Arts Center and Residency, and the latter half was spent performing at The Root Cellar (Greenfield, MA), Wilson Live (Brooklyn, NY), Outpost 186 and Union Tavern (Boston, MA).

During our study residency in Prattsville, we were able to further decode what we call my “compositional riddles.” Through experimentation and practice, we were able to reach a collective state of greater understanding for the musical world at hand, leading to stronger intuition during performance.

alive is now available as physical CD's, on Bandcamp, iTunes, and all streaming services.

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